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Since 1999, with the assistance of local veterinarians, we have been watching over our high quality dog food regime, consisting of non-medicated and organic ingredients, and helping our customers select the best foods and nutritional supplements for their dogs.

Healthy Hounds experience a range of benefits that reveal how much better they look and feel when they eat our food. The proof is entirely in the dog and no dog is too old or too young to prosper from our meals.

Healthier skin, shinier, softer, sweeter-smelling coats

Cleaner teeth, better breath and brighter eyes

Reduction of allergies, arthritis, hot spots & weight problems

Smaller, less smelly stool

Increased energy and confidence

Hyper or aggressive dogs become calmer

No bad gas!

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We’ve moved from our West Vancouver location!
For home delivery of dog food, supplements and supplies in Greater Vancouver, call
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