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Learn: Everything You Need to Know About Raw Feeding
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I believe that a carefully tailored raw food diet including plenty of ground raw bones, a quality vitamin and mineral supplement and an essential fatty acid oil is all you need to put your dog on his or her way to better health.
Helen and the dogs
Please consider my advice when I recommend that less is often more. I learned the hard way. If you are new to raw feeding, I suggest that you switch to a raw diet and get on a simple but good supplementation regime (for example Whole Hound™ Total Health Plus™ and Whole Hound™ Flax-Lecithin Blend™) and then BE PATIENT. It can take 6 months or more to slowly but surely re-build your dog. You should definitely see progress along the way, but this is NOT an overnight journey. The process is a gentle, effective way to let your animal heal on their time line, not ours. Feel free to call us for support.

If you have been on a raw food program for a long time and are looking for a boost to fight a particular ailment, please try some of the products on our product list. I recommend doing this in conjunction with a good vet.

If you have a dog that is suffering from a serious ailment, I hope you are working closely with a vet who can help you get your dog transitioned to a fresh food diet and advise you on an appropriate supplementation regime. Don't be afraid to work with more than one vet. I have three vets.

Please feel free to call us (604-988-DOGS) to discuss more specifically any of our products.

Best in Health,
Helen Akerly

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