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The Healthy Hound was born out of an affection for dogs and a black lab named Lakotah.

Lakotah, was diagnosed with severe osteochondrosis of the hocks at age 1.5 years (severe arthritis). It was heartbreaking to see my pup who desperately wanted to run on the beach suffer such pain as a result. Almost a year subsequent to that diagnosis she suffered from mange, coprophagia and a host of other issues. In an ongoing effort to help her arthritis I happened to discover what was in the commercial food I had been feeding both my girls. It was unsettling.

It didn’t take me long to switch my dogs over to a home-cooked diet, but, co-incidentally, it wasn’t until I did some further research and began to feed them a raw, grain-free diet that Lakotah’s life improved dramatically. In fact, Lakotah can now run on the beach to her heart’s content and all the way around she's a happier, healthier hound!

Kotah’s improvement was so dramatic that it created in me a desire to make this information and food widely available for more dogs to experience. With a ravenous appetite for information, I began spending all my time researching and travelling North America attending canine-related seminars in order to perfect my own diet. My Vet incredibly generously let me start my test diet on her three dogs and, thankfully, she is still feeding and recommending our food. Our niche is specifically tailored to a high quality diet and we really enjoy providing individual customer support the whole time a dog is on our regime. Every day is enriching experientially and the learning curve is constant. So far we have been truly blessed and the evidence of that is in the dogs on our regime.  

The Healthy Hound’s goal is to share information and experience with people seeking it, and to offer a simple but high quality raw food diet and supplementation regime to those who choose to feed their dogs raw.

Lakotah Best in health,
Helen Akerly
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