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Learn: Everything You Need to Know About Raw Feeding

Our Goals
What Sets Us Apart
Why Raw: The Long Story
Our Diet/Sample Menu
Things to Know
Frequently Asked Questions about Raw Feeding
Note on Ailments

Thaw food in fridge. Once thawed, add a little warm water (preferably spring) to remove the chill from the fridge — not so much that it turns to soup!
Add a dose of Whole Hound™ TOTAL HEALTH PLUS vitamin and mineral supplement. Dose is based on body weight and is listed on the side of the container.
Add a dose of Whole Hound™ FLAX LECITHIN BLEND (an excellent source of Essential Fatty Acids). Stir and serve!
Premium Raw Meal
e.g. CHICKEN (75/25 non-medicated chicken meat, bone & organ combined with organic seasonal veggies)
Premium Raw Meal
e.g. BEEF (75/25 non-medicated beef meat & organ with organic seasonal veggies)
Cooked Doggie Dinner
e.g. WILD SALMON (50/50 wild salmon and organic jewel yam)
Premium Raw Meal
e.g. LAMB (75/25 non-medicated grass-fed lamb meat & organ with organic seasonal veggies)
Premium Raw Meal
e.g. TURKEY (75/25 non-medicated turkey meat, bone & organ with organic seasonal veggies)
Premium Raw Meal
e.g. BUFFALO (75/25 buffalo meat & organ with organic seasonal veggies)
FAST (optional)
Provide Healthy Hound non-med Meat Broth and one of our yummy Organic Beef Bones
The Healthy Hound offers a variety of meal types to meet the nutritional needs of all dogs, from young pups to aging pooches. Our meals are made with premium quality, non-medicated and organic ingredients sourced from farmers who are committed to compassionate husbandry, raising appropriately fed and treated livestock and plant matter. Healthy Hound meals do not contain any additives or preservatives.

All of our meals are made fresh: the meat and veg are combined and then flash-frozen in containers ranging in size from 1/2 lb to 2 lbs. We will happily help you choose the best size for your dog.

Our food is rich and pure so dogs need less than cooked or kibble quantities.

At The Healthy Hound our goal is to facilitate optimum health in dogs.
We believe one of the best ways to promote canine health, and the simplest, is to offer dogs moderate quantities of a large variety of high quality ingredients.

We understand the need to economize, especially when there are multiple dogs in the family, so we have put together some sample menus which include Healthy Hound meal types as well as other healthful ingredients.

Learn more about economizing, costs per month, and recommended ingredients

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