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Learn: Everything You Need to Know About Raw Feeding
Why Raw: The Short Story
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The Raw Story
High Standards
Fine Ingredients
Information and Support
Commitment to Results
The Raw Story      

Even though they’ve been domesticated, not one of our dogs has ever been caught cooking up a pot of rice on their own, although, to this day, a few have been known to capture their own prey.

For decades many of us have chosen diets that aren't as nourishing as raw meats, bones, organs and veggies are to our dogs. Some of us have also vaccinated our dogs more thoroughly and frequently than may be beneficial. In my opinion, this has contributed to a weakening of the species. The list of common ailments in our dogs is about the same as it is in humans: arthritis, allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, renal failure, cancer...

Thankfully, many of us are catching on to a better way, which is to emulate, as best we can in our urban environment, a raw food diet that more closely parallels what dogs would eat in nature. External benefits of a good raw food diet include soft, shiny, odour-free coats; reduction or elimination of allergic symptoms, fleas and arthritic conditions; improved breath; reduced stool size; clear, bright eyes and more. Blood panels are usually a good way to confirm internal and external benefits.

High Standards          
My specific area of interest has always been in formulating the highest quality raw dog food and supplements possible for maximum benefit in the dogs on our regime. I've also always wanted to be able to monitor closely, with vets, the theraputic benefits of our regime and to be able to provide ongoing customer support the whole time a dog is eating our food.  What an amazing blessing that this is what I've been able to continue to pursue since starting the Hound in 1998.

We’re doing this for the dogs! Read on to discover a few of the things that set us apart as we continue to enjoy making the highest quality raw dog food and supplements possible.

Fine Ingredients    
Organic or Non-Medicated, Hormone-Free Ground Muscle Meat, Bone & Organ
All our meats are either organic or non-medicated so they are from animal sources that are NOT fed any meat meal, bone meal or meat by-products whatsoever.

Fresh, Organic Seasonal Veggies
We use only organic veggies that are fresh and of the highest quality. We analyze the nutritional content of each veggie we use and carefully plan our veggie combos to ensure we use only the veggies that will most benefit our dogs.

Treats & Supplements
We source only the high quality treats and supplements, including our own Healthy Hound line of supplements which has been developed according to our standards.

Non-Medicated, Hormone-Free Ground Muscle Meat, Bone & Organ

We’re concerned with the way animals for consumption are fed and cared for. We have individual relationships with farmers who grow us animals that are raised in environmentally respectful conditions and are fed feed that does NOT contain any meat meal, bone meal, blood or meat by-products whatsoever. This applies equally to our treats and supplements, which is one of the things that sets us apart as we continue to make the highest quality raw dog food possible. We may not be able to protect your dog from what (s)he may have consumed in the past, but we hope to benefit his or her future if (s)he dines at The Healthy Hound!

Fresh, Organic Seasonal Veggies:
Finest quality • Always varied • Nutritionally analyzed

We use only the finest organic veggies. Rather than purchase less appealing (or tired) looking veggies at a discount from our organic supplier we insist on the freshest veggies available. This is important because even a little bit of mold can cause diarrhea and vomiting in a dog.

We vary our veggies. Rather than use one set combination of veggies in our meals, we prefer to select from a variety of fresh, seasonal, organic veggies. Changing our veggie batches every week offers broad nutritional benefit, and varying our veggies with the seasons enables us to support local farmers and provide the freshest produce available.

We study our veggies. We analyze the nutritional content of each veggie we use and carefully plan our veggie combos to ensure we use only the veggies that will most benefit our dogs. Did you know that carrot is not beneficial when used in excess?

Unlike a set menu, our flavours vary weekly.

We feature 4 main non-medicated, hormone-free meats mixed with organic vegetables: Chicken with Veg, Turkey with Veg, Lamb with Veg and Beef with Veg.

In addition to our 4 main meats, each week we prepare 2 additional meats, such as ostrich, venison, wild muskox, lamb tripe or wild fish, each individually mixed with veg. We grind the raw bone into our poultry meals because it is a useful source of calcium.

Our veggie combos change each week and we combine different veggie mixtures with each meat. An example of one of our veggie combos would be English peas, Sunburst squash, Red Leaf lettuce, Jewel Yam, Celery and Parsley. Another example: Wheat grass, Broccoli, Romaine lettuce, zucchini, pumpkin and garlic.

Beyond our regular meals we offer two additional diets: an anti-inflammatory diet and a gastro diet for dogs who may have special needs.

We also sell a wide range of raw bones, individual meats, organic veggies and bulk items. Please visit our Raw Meals and Ingredients page for more info.

Information and Support      
We keep our customers informed about appropriate ingredients and we offer support the whole time a dog is on our regime. You'll likely want to know what the EXACT ingredients are when you buy pre-made raw meals because a poorly formulated raw food diet can be hazardous. Please link to our Things to Know page for more info.

We work with vets. We can provide an increasing list of Veterinarians who recommend raw and seek to protect your dogs with valuable information regarding revised vaccine protocols among other topics.


Work with a good Vet who is receptive to raw feeding.


Feed them a high quality, raw food diet.


Don’t over-vaccinate them. Ask your vet about the dangers of over-vaccination.


Let them be dogs.

Commitment to Results      
We’re interested in every dog on our regime, and whether it’s simply helping the guardian make the transition, or providing a full blood analysis service, we want to ensure every dog on our regime is benefiting!


The Healthy Hound organizes and pays the shipping cost to send groups of our local customers’ canine blood to Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM for annual blood analysis and titer testing. Dr. Dodds is a leading authority on canine blood analysis and has kindly agreed to help us monitor the Healthy Hound diet in a large group of dogs over time, in conjunction with two of our own local Veterinarians.

How does it work? Well, a raw diet will likely reduce your visits to the Vet; however, we recommend keeping in close touch with your Vet via annual wellness check-ups, including blood work. Like a properly formulated raw diet, annual blood work is good form of preventative medicine. So annually we encourage our customers have a small blood sample taken from their dog and we send it to a lab where the dog’s internal well being can be accessed, including organ function and any major vitamin or mineral imbalances.

We encourage annual blood work for all dogs, not just the dogs on our regime. What better way to keep an eye on your dog’s internal well-being than annual blood analysis? It’s not a bad idea to do blood work before you start a raw diet and then again a 6 months to a year after being on the diet. Consider it a scientific way to show yourself and your Vet that the diet is working well for your dog inside and out!

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