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Learn: Everything You Need to Know About Raw Feeding
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Why Raw? Because it’s rewarding to facilitate better health in your dog(s) and it’s simple!

Many of us humans have difficulty resisting nasty temptations such as sugar, coffee, and processed foods; however, we can more easily control what our animals eat. Humans and animals are designed for health. How we fuel ourselves can be a factor in either enabling or disabling health.


Despite domestication, all dogs, from Great Danes to Yorkshire Terriers, remain capable of eating raw meat, bones and organs. Like their wolf ancestors, dogs have highly acidic stomachs and short intestinal tracks, designed cope with and process raw meat quickly. They also have sharp teeth for tearing flesh and they lack the enzyme amylase in their saliva, which is designed to pre-digest starch. Grain-based (starch-based) diets are popular for economic reasons, and they can sustain our dogs; however, they may not be the best thing for our dogs. An important consideration when it comes to choosing the best food for your pooch!

Our dogs are at our mercy when it comes to the food WE chose for them. When we cook food we kill the live enzymes, lose a large percentage of the nutrients and force our dog’s pancreas to work harder than it should during the digestive process.


The benefits of feeding a raw diet including 75% raw meat, bone and a bit of organ and 25% pulverized vegetable matter are numerous: improved organ function, better breath, healthy shiny skin and coats, clean teeth, clear eyes, smaller less smelly stool, no bad gas and a reduction, and in some cases elimination, of many ailments plaguing our innocent dogs these days such as allergies, arthritis, weight problems and hyper activity. The proof is in the dogs.


It is important to do a little research to find out what your dog needs when choosing their diet, but it’s easy once you get the key points down. For more info on raw feeding and how to start, please read more thoroughly through this website and don’t forget to check out our Things to Know page.

For ordering info please visit our Ordering Info page or call us directly at 604-988-DOGS (3647).


Work with a good Vet who is receptive to raw feeding.


Feed them a high quality, raw food diet. See Things to Know page.


Don’t over-vaccinate them. Ask your vet about the dangers of over-vaccination.


Let them be dogs.

3 Easy Steps for a
Healthy Hound
1) Thaw food in fridge. Once thawed, add a little warm water (preferably spring) to remove the chill from the fridge — not so much that it turns to soup!
2) Add a dose of Whole Hound™ TOTAL HEALTH PLUS vitamin and mineral supplement. Dose is based on body weight and is listed on the side of the container.
3) Add a dose of Whole Hound™ FLAX LECITHIN BLEND (an excellent source of Essential Fatty Acids). Stir and serve!
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