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Cooked Doggie Dinners

Cooked combinations of savoury, non-medicated & organic ingredients in a variety of tail-wagging flavours.
These meals are multi-purpose:

  • Useful for people who want to feed their dog high quality cooked food
  • Convenient for people who might want to try raw, but prefer to start with cooked
  • A fun and savoury treat for people who just want to see their dog smile!
  • May also be used to add variety to any dog’s diet

All of our meals are made fresh; the meat and veg are combined and then flash-frozen in packages ranging in size from 1/2 lb to 2 lbs. We will happily help you choose the best size for your dog. Our food is rich and pure so dogs need less than cooked or kibble quantities.


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In the meanwhile, have a look at our Cooked Doggie Dinners pricelist to find out more about our flavours, sizes and prices.



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